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Wild Irish Game

Discover the exceptional taste of Irish venison from Wild Irish Game- Available now at FX Buckley Butchers, sourced directly from the open Wicklow Mountains. These wild deer enjoy a 100% natural and GMO-free diet, consisting of nutritious herbs, grasses, and mountain heather. The result is a lean, low-fat meat that is naturally high in protein, iron, and zinc, providing a delicious and healthy option for you and your family.

Established in Glenmalure, County Wicklow in 1997, Wild Irish Game is a family-run business that places the utmost respect on the species they source. Committed to working alongside nature, they maintain a balance between their activities and the resources provided by the environment. All Wild Irish Game products are sourced sustainably and responsibly, with all hunters licensed and trained in food handling hygiene in compliance with Irish and EU legislation. Their unwavering dedication to integrity and transparency has earned them a well-deserved reputation in the food industry.