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Ridegeway Wagyu

Introducing the exquisite Irish Wagyu Beef from Ridgeway Farm- available now at FX Buckley Butcher’s. Ridgeway is a family-operated farm situated in County Wicklow. At Ridgeway Farm, the utmost care is taken to create a stress-free and healthy environment for their cattle, who are fed a unique diet of grass and olive feed, ensuring the highest quality Wagyu Beef.

Inspired by the renowned Japanese farmer Mr. Ishii, Ridgeway Farm incorporates olive feed, into their cattle's diet. This innovative approach has been proven to enhance the buttery flavour and marbled tenderness of the beef. With full traceability from farm to fork, Ridgeway Farm's Olive Fed Wagyu Beef stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence. Savour the extraordinary flavours of this premium beef, and experience the difference that Ridgeway Farm brings to your table.