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At FX Buckley Butchers our premium beef is a testament to our dedication to quality and flavour. Handpicked from Ireland's finest farms, our beef is sourced purely from native Angus and Hereford heifers that graze on lush Irish pastures, ensuring a taste like no other.

Our dry-aged beef is meticulously matured in-store in a state-of-the-art aging chamber, guaranteeing a melt-in-the-mouth experience with rich, beefy aromas and buttery, nutty, and cheesy notes. Held at a closely controlled 4°C and 80% humidity for a minimum of 28 days, the dry-aging process tenderizes the meat while concentrating natural flavours and aromas. This results in incredibly tender beef with a deeper, more complex flavour profile compared to wet-aged alternatives.

Our extensive variety of expertly prepared dry-aged beef cuts includes incredibly tender fillet steak for that special occasion, mouth-wateringly marbled ribeye and cowboy steaks for an extra delectable experience, striploin steaks bursting with flavour that will impress on any occasion, classic T-Bone steaks for those seeking both fillet and striploin in one cut. Discover slow-cooking cuts like short ribs and round steak, or try our versatile and convenient round steak mince for a delicious meal.

Explore our exquisite range of steaks and roasts and indulge in the unparalleled quality and taste of FX Buckley Butchers.
At FX Buckley Butchers, we go to great lengths to ensure that we bring you the finest quality beef. Our commitment to excellence begins with the meticulous process of hand selecting each and every cut we offer.

First and foremost, breed matters. We exclusively source Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle, renowned for their superior meat quality. These heritage breeds are known for their rich marbling, tenderness, and exceptional flavour. By focusing on specific breeds, we guarantee consistency and uphold the highest standards of taste and texture.

Sex and age also play a crucial role in determining the quality of our beef. We prioritize selecting prime young heifers, typically between 12 and 24 months old. This age range ensures optimal tenderness and allows the meat to develop the perfect balance of flavour and succulence.

We consider a multitude of factors that impact the overall quality of Irish beef. Our experienced team pays close attention to factors such as animal welfare, feed quality, and farming practices. We source our beef from trusted local farmers who share our commitment to sustainable and ethical farming methods, ensuring that every step of the process upholds our high standards.

Additionally, we use the EUROP grading scale to assess the conformation of beef carcasses. This objective grading system helps us determine the overall quality, shape, and muscularity of the meat. The scale ranges from E (excellent) to P (poor), with grades A, B, and C representing the most desirable cuts in terms of conformation.

With our meticulous hand selection process, we guarantee that every cut of beef you find at our shop meets our strict criteria for taste, tenderness, and quality.