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1 Lamb Heart

1 Lamb Heart
Wexford Lamb Heart. Sourced directly from the verdant pastures of Wexford, this delicacy promises more than a unique flavor profile. It's a rich wellspring of protein, iron, and vitamin B12, turning any dish into both a gourmet experience and a nutritious feast.The versatility of the Lamb Heart is truly remarkable. Whether grilled to smoky perfection, roasted for a touch of traditional elegance, braised tenderly, or sautéed for a quick yet delightful meal, it delivers a culinary experience that is both rich and memorable. For those seeking an added flourish, consider stuffing these hearts; it’s a simple step that imbues an extra dimension of flavour.Taken freshly from our full lambs each week, FX Buckley's Lamb Heart invites you to bring your dining to the next level.
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