Smoked Fillet of Ham

€11.99 per kg
The fillet of ham is off the leg of pork and has been freshly cured with pickle. Our premium ham are cured FX Buckley's factory using we cure our own traditional recipe and then traditionally smoked over beech wood. The taste is worlds apart from the moisture and e-number injected bacon on supermarket shelves, with less contraction and moisture loss during cooking. Our craft butchers then bone out the leg and neatly tie the joint, ready to cut whatever size you desire. Because the fillet of ham has the bone taking out it is very easy to carve and taste fantastic.

It is important to let the fillet of ham for at least 30 minutes to allow all the juices redistribute back into the joint

Cooking tip: Take the skin off the leg after you have finished boiling the ham, score most of the fat in a criss-cross fashion resembling diamond shapes on top of the meat and then generously rub the marinade into all the diamond groves. Roast for 30/40minutes with water at the bottom of the tray to keep the joint nicely moist.