Free Range Stuffed Shoulder of Pork

€7.49 per kg
Pork shoulder comes, as you might expect, from the shoulder area of the pig. Our boneless Pork shoulder is an inexpensive cut, perfect for old fashioned roasting and full of flavour. Who can resist crackling? This roasting joint has had the bones removed, and is rolled and tied by our butchers for easy carving. The meat of the pork's shoulder is sweet tasting thanks to the streaks of fat that appear naturally in the joint.

Shoulder is a good joint for roasting, and excellent when roasted slowly to allow the meat to tender and all the fat juices to permeate the meat.

Make sure that the pork skin is scored by the butcher, cover skin with sea salt. This will help to enhance the crackling effect of the skin which is a very tasty accompiment to any pork roast.