Rack of Spring Lamb

€29.99 each
The Racks are cut from the Best End of the lamb. The meat is excellent, moist and tender with fine, sweet flavours. The fat that is covering the ribs will be trimmed parallel to the eye muscle, just enough to add flavour and retain moisture in the meat during cooking. A French trimmed Rack has the meat and fat covering the ribs removed so that the white bones stick out. Try our Roast rack of lamb with a herb crust. Prepare to wow your guests with this sophisticated roast that makes a beautiful presentation and is easy to carve, making it a perennial dinner party favourite.

Rack of Lamb is at its best when cooked simply and served medium rare. Usually 7 chops per rack. You can click on the 'Recipe and Serving Ideas' for a full list of lamb recipes but here's one of my favourites

Minced leg of lamb makes excellent lean and flavoursome mince.