Homemade White Pudding

€9.30 per kg
Buckley's' own recipe traditional White Pudding has a rich and full bodied flavour with spicy after taste. Our Pudding has a soft and crumbly texture with visual flecks of oatmeal and traces of fat, but holds together well without being greasy. What makes our white pudding so special? We only use the freshest ingredience: fresh cured cuts of pork, oatmeal, barley, seasoning and fresh onions and then finally cook the pudding to precision.

Pudding is traditionally served at breakfast, but lends itself to starter dishes too. The numerous gold medal awards are a testament of its quality and flavour.

Cooking Tip: Slowly cook on a dry pan for best result. When cutting the pudding try slicing it at an angle, it leads to a nice presentation.