Freshly Stuffed Chicken (900g)

€5.49 each
All our Fresh Chicken are Irish and a grade A quality which always ensures a succulent, moist and tender taste.

These chickens have been freshly stuffed with our own homemade stuffing make from the freshest ingredients of fresh thyme, parsley, red onions, bread crumbs, seasoning, butter, little oil and touch of our award winning sausage meat.

A stuffed roast chicken dish is a favourite amounts all families and probably ranks close to the top of most people's list of favourite food. It will be sure to get everyone running to the kitchen taking!!

Cooking tip:

Dry rub for chicken is always a good accomplement whether it is mixed herds or cajun spice, this really adds to the end flavour.

Roast chicken on a bed of small cut vegetables and some tarigan/ thyme which leads to a lovely gravy when all the skin fat is skimmed off. Make sure you add water/ chicken stock to stop all those juices drying up in the oven.

Also try a thin slice of hard butter between the skin and flesh which will enhance the moisture and flavour

Stuffing can add another great dimension to the roast chicken

Another flavour change would be smoked/streaky rashers over the breast while roasting add delicious flavour while keeping the meat moist.

A nice marinade for chicken is Teriyaki: Soya sauce, orange juice, orange rind, crushed garlic, salt, pepper and sugar