Round Steak Pieces

€13.20 per kg
Our Round Steak pieces are freshly cut with very little fat and are ideal braising or pan-frying. While traditionally used for stews and casseroles, our Round Steak prepared together with peppers and onions is a fantastic, slow-cooked way to prepare this cut of beef. Pour the gorgeous gravy over mashed potatoes for a simple, tasty meal.

Our round steak is matured for 21 days which gives the beef a distinctive deep rich flavour. Each piece carefully cut into steaks by our own master butchers.

Cooking tip: For a full flavoured casserole try adding beef kidney for flavour.

Cooking tip: Do not throw all the meat in together, leave space in between each piece as this greatly enhances flavour because you are sealing the juices into the meat pieces. Before you deglaze the pot, after the meat pieces are cooked, throw some flour, stir and cook for another minute and then you can deglaze the pan with water/ red wine/ stock. And carry on with your choice of extra ingredience, vegetables, potatoes etc

Add Guinness if you want that authentic beef Guinness stew flavour.