Brisket Corned Beef

€9.99 per kg
The brisket is located near the chest of the steer, above the legs. It is extremely tough and requires a serious dose of long, slow cooking to breakdown its connective tissue and make the meat flavorful and tender

Cooking tip:
Brisket needs to be cooked “low and slow”. Cook your corned beef in water over a low simmer until you can pierce through the meat with a fork. If you’ve been cooking your piece of meat and it won’t get tender, you must be patient; it can sometimes take hours for your corned beef to be ready.

For a traditional boiled dinner cook your corned beef first and then add your vegetables. Cook your corned beef until it is tender, then remove it from the pot and add your root vegetables (potato, parsnip, turnip, carrot, onion) and cook them until they are tender. Cabbage takes only a couple minutes to cook so add it last.