The beef at F.X. Buckley Butchers is renowned for its quality and delicious flavor. The way we guarantee the highest quality in beef in both texture and flavor is by choosing Irish beef and the highest grade of traditional breeds of cattle. Our cattle are chosen on the basis of fat content, marbling and quality to ensure a consistency of flavour. All the beef from our butchers is completely grass fed and is matured for a minimum of 28 days to intensify beef flavour and tenderness. For deliveries, email

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  • Striploin Steak

    €30.99 per kg
    Striploin steak is one of the most flavoursome steaks and its almost as tender as fillet, cut from the middle so you got more prime meat for your money. It has a distinctive fat coverage running along the outside allowing the steak to remain juicy during cooking. For deliveries, email
  • Rib Eye

    €32.99 per kg

    Cut from the center of a rib of beef it has unique combination of fat marbling and tender meat, making it incredibly tasty and juicy. A fantastic steak for steak lovers. Learn more about our beef here.

  • T-Bone

    €30.99 per kg
    The T-Bone steaks at FX Buckley Butchers have been dry aged for a medium of 28 days to enhance its flavour, taste and tenderness. The king of steaks, cooked with the bone to hold in that great taste and moisture.
  • Rib Roast on the bone

    €25.99 per kg
    The signature roast in FX Buckley Butchers. This Aberdeen Angus beef is beautifully marbled with just enough fat, cooked on the bone to provide full flavours and moist tenderness. It is aged for a minimum of 28 days.
  • Boneless Rib Roast

    €22.99 per kg
    This roast is similar to the Rib Roast on the bone except the bones have been removed to make it easier for cooking and carving - beautifully marbled meat with just enough fat. If carving and cooking on the bone isn't an issue, we would recommend it on the bone.
  • 8 Beef Burgers

    Our famous beef burgers are only made from the finest ingredients and fly out of the shop everyday. Meaty, juicy and seriously tasty are the words we hear to describe the flavour of these burgers.
  • Fillet Steak

    €54.99 per kg

    This steak is cut from the beef tenderloin and is greatly desired for being the most tender cut of beef. Ask us to cut whatever sizes you wish. See our 7 tips to cook the perfect steak.

  • Sirloin Roast

    €18.60 per kg
    Sirloin is a delicious, tender and highly prized cut of beef. The roast's are prepared by us and can be cut to whatever size you desire.
  • 1 Beef Burger

    €1.50 each
    Our famous beef burgers are only made from the finest ingredience. Meaty, juicy and seriously tasty are the words we hear to describe the flavour of these burgers.
  • Top Rib Roast

    €12.99 per kg
    The Top Rib is a joint of beef from the shoulder that makes a good roasting joint full of beefy flavours. As a working muscle the meat is fairly lean and should be roasted gently to get the best taste.
  • Round Steak Pieces

    €13.20 per kg
    Our Round Steak pieces are freshly cut with very little fat and are ideal braising or pan-frying. Traditionally used for stews and casseroles, perfect cut of beef for slow-cooking.
  • Sirloin Steak

    €18.60 per kg
    These steaks are hand-cut by our Master butchers and can be cut to whatever size you desire. Sirloin has a rich, beefy taste with a firm, juicy bite.
  • Round Steak Mince

    €11.80 per kg
    We only use the finest and freshest round steak for our extra lean round mince. It can be used for a variety of different uses such as delicious burgers, cottage pie, bolognaise and meat loafs.
  • 2 Pounds of Chicken/Beef Stirfry

    €13.20 per kg
    2 pounds of freshly prepared Beef or Chicken stir fry for €10,99.
  • Sundried Tomato & Spinach Burgers

    €1.99 each
    We take a lot of pride in our products. These gourmet burgers for example are prepared freshly every day. Ingredients: lean minced beef, mixed peppers, a few onions, and our own seasoning. Create the perfect burgers with these.
  • Round Steak

    €14.20 per kg
    Round Steak is a deliciously tasty and lean cut that is ideal for either braising or pan-frying. While traditionally used for stews and casseroles, our Round Steak prepared together with peppers and onions is a fantastic, slow-cooked way to prepare this cut of beef.
  • Brisket Corned Beef

    €9.99 per kg
    The brisket is located near the chest of the steer, above the legs. It is extremely tough and requires a serious dose of long, slow cooking to breakdown its connective tissue and make the meat flavorful and tender
  • Eye of the Round

    €12.99 per kg
    A very lean cut of beef from the hind quarter. Cooking the roast at a slow temperature for a long period of time makes it more tender and flavourful especially right ingredient are added
  • Beef Sausage

    Our own family recipe, these beef sausages have 80% beef content which results in a real meaty and full flavoured sausage.
  • Beef Stir Fry

    €14.99 per kg
    Our beef stir fry is a very popular dish simply because of the fresh ingredients, healthiness and quick cooking time. Made from tender strips of sirloin, striploin and fillet steak, mixed with freshly chopped onions and mixed peppers and marinated in a delicious peaking sauce.
  • Spice Beef

    €14.99 per kg
    This is our own famous award winning spice beef that is full of distinctive flavour and tenderness. Home cured by ourselves and then rubbed down with our own spices. Try it for Christmas with the turkey, delicious!
  • Traditional Silverside Corned Beef

    €11.99 per kg
    The Silverside of corned beef is a lean joint of beef with a thin coverage of fat which gives a soft juicy texture. F.X. Buckley's award winning corned beef has been home cured in our own traditional way.
  • Rib Mince

    €6.89 per kg
    Our rib is made from quality beef with a certain extra content of fat which helps make it full of flavour. It can be used for a variety of different uses such as delicious cottage pie, bolognaise, meat loafs and homemade burgers.
  • Strip loin Roast

    €30.99 per kg
    Strip loin is a wonderful roast for a special occasion that has exceptional eating quality. It has a distinctive thin layer of fat coverage and its marbling helps to keep this joint superbly tender, juicy and flavorsome.
  • Round Roast

    €12.99 per kg
    The Round Roast is also commonly known as the the housekeepers cut is a traditional Irish favourite cut from the shoulder of beef.
  • Ox Tail

    €8.99 per kg
    Long, slow methods are best for oxtail, so it is often braised with vegetables in a casserole, or made into soups, as is done in various countries including the Caribbean.
  • Meat Balls

    Our gourmet meatballs are a very popular and tasty dinner for the family make from the finest ingredients. Each meatball has been make from freshly ground round steak mince, along with a proportion of pork mince, mixed in with fresh garlic and thyme and seasoning.
  • Beef Kidney

    €4.99 per kg
    The kidneys of beef cattle, known as ox kidney inevitably tend towards toughness but when cooked slowly until tender.
  • Ox Tongue

    €10.99 each
    The tongue is also a muscle and when cooked properly the meat produces the most amazing melting tenderness. At FX Buckley's we cure all the tongues with our homemade recipe.
  • Rib Steak

    €10.49 per kg
    Rib Steak is found close to the shoulder. This meat is perfect for slow cooking. Serving suggestion: cook slowly for 2 hours with vegetables and potatoes to give the perfect casserole or stew.

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