All your barbecue favorites in one hand place. All these items are perfect for a barbecue. 

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  • Award-Winning Pork Sausages

    €9.30 per kg
    FX Buckley are renounced for their famous pork sausages which we have been making since 1930 and are extremely popular with customers. We have won numerous National rewards our authentic sausages. What makes FX Buckley sausages different?
  • Rib Eye

    €32.99 per kg

    Cut from the center of a rib of beef it has unique combination of fat marbling and tender meat, making it incredibly tasty and juicy. A fantastic steak for steak lovers. Learn more about our beef here.

  • Striploin Steak

    €30.99 per kg
    Striploin steak is one of the most flavoursome steaks and its almost as tender as fillet, cut from the middle so you got more prime meat for your money. It has a distinctive fat coverage running along the outside allowing the steak to remain juicy during cooking. For deliveries, email
  • Baby Pork Ribs

    €9.99 per kg
    Back ribs originate from the center section of the pork loin, which is known for the “finger meat” between the bones.
  • Sundried Tomato & Spinach Burgers

    €1.99 each
    We take a lot of pride in our products. These gourmet burgers for example are prepared freshly every day. Ingredients: lean minced beef, mixed peppers, a few onions, and our own seasoning. Create the perfect burgers with these.
  • 8 Beef Burgers

    Our famous beef burgers are only made from the finest ingredients and fly out of the shop everyday. Meaty, juicy and seriously tasty are the words we hear to describe the flavour of these burgers.
  • Fresh Chicken Wings

    €5.70 per kg
    Our fresh chicken wings made for really tasty finger food especially when marinated homemade sauce. Best cooked in the oven or even better, on the BBQ.
  • Beef Sausage

    Our own family recipe, these beef sausages have 80% beef content which results in a real meaty and full flavoured sausage.
  • Spring Loin Lamb Chops

    €34.99 per kg
    Lamb Chops are cut from the bone in single loin and are the most popular lamb cut of lamb. The Loin is the most tender part of the lamb, lean and full of flavour.
  • Free Range Chicken

    €13.49 each

    This Free range, corn fed chicken is very popular in the shop. The distinctive colour and taste of Game Farm Cornfed Chicken results from their specialized grain diet. This diet gives the birds their golden colour and succulent flavour. Try Adrian's Spatchcock Chicken Recipe.

  • Pork Belly

    €8.99 per kg
    The pork belly is a wonderful cut of pork that comes from the belly of a pig and its fat marbling makes it almost impossible to overcook. When cooked slowly it has an unforgettable rich, luxurious, and fabulously fatty taste.
  • Lamb Burgers

    Our Premium Lamb burgers are made from 100% ground lamb mince blended together with a mix of herbs and spices. These juicy burgers are simply delicious with a light touch of mint added to the mix.
  • Pork Spare Ribs

    €7.99 per kg
    Spareribs come from the belly of the pig and are known for their delicious, meaty pork flavor. When cooked slowly they will literally fall off the bone
  • Free Range Loin Pork Chops

    €10.99 per kg
    Pork chops are cut from the long back of the pig, the loin, which provides the leanest and the most popular meat. The bone is left in for more flavour.
  • Chorizo Sausage

    Our own family recipe , these sausages are made with fresh pork and chorizo. It is the gourmet sausage that is relatively new. We have gotten great feedback on it so far.
  • 4 Turkey Burgers

    Our Turkey Burgers are naturally high in protein and low in fat and taste delicious.
  • Fillet Steak

    €54.99 per kg

    This steak is cut from the beef tenderloin and is greatly desired for being the most tender cut of beef. Ask us to cut whatever sizes you wish. See our 7 tips to cook the perfect steak.

  • T-Bone

    €30.99 per kg
    The T-Bone steaks at FX Buckley Butchers have been dry aged for a medium of 28 days to enhance its flavour, taste and tenderness. The king of steaks, cooked with the bone to hold in that great taste and moisture.
  • Cock-Tail Sausages

    €9.30 per kg
    Cocktail sausages area real favourite amongst kids for party treat. The cocktail sausages are mad with our normal, famous recipe resulting in a wonderfully tasty sausage loved by kids and adults alike!!
  • Sirloin Steak

    €18.60 per kg
    These steaks are hand-cut by our Master butchers and can be cut to whatever size you desire. Sirloin has a rich, beefy taste with a firm, juicy bite.

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