Free Range Leg of Pork

€7.99 per kg
The pork leg meat is rather lean and our boned and rolled cut has a good layer of fat to prevent the roasting joint from drying out during cooking. Our craft butchers bone out the leg of pork and tie it with twine to give you a fantastic and easy carve roast pork dinner.

For a crisp surface on your roast, be sure the oven is fully preheated before place the roast in it and do not cover the meat while roasting. Serve with apple sauce as the perfect accompaniment.

Cooking tips:
Make sure that the pork skin is scored by the butcher, cover skin with sea salt. This will help to enhance the crackling effect of the skin which is a very tasty accompiment to any pork roast. It is also strong advised that you seal the pork joint before you place it in the oven.

To Make gravy 30 minutes before the end, throw 1/2 a pint of cider/ apple juice into the roasting tin to produce most delicious gravy. The combination of the moist pork meat, crackle and gorgeous gravy will combine with a fusion of flavours.