Diced Lamb

€18.99 per kg
Shoulder of Lamb, cut into well trimmed, bite sized chunks makes excellent quality casseroles or stews. All of our lamb is Irish, naturally raised on a diet of grass and heather and prepared by hand in our shops by our master butchers.

This diced leg of lamb is hand prepared by our professional craftspeople and lends outstanding flavour to stews or casseroles. Like all our lamb, it's grass fed right here in Tipperary, then properly matured for wonderful texture and taste.

There is an old saying a stew boiled is a stew spoiled. Remember if a stew is allowed to boil for even a few minutes the protein and gelatine in the meat hardens and the meat becomes tough and chewy rather than meltingly tender. So keep an eye on the pot! You can click on the 'Recipe and Serving Ideas' for a full list of lamb recipes but here's one of my favourite stew recipes