Are you cut out to be an FX Buckley Butcher?

FX Buckley Butchers

Butchery is one of the oldest and proudest occupations.  It is not so much a job as a way of life.  It takes time, effort and perseverance.  It is looked upon as an art as much as a profession. Butchers are passionate about meat and upholding traditions.


The Buckley name has been renowned in the meat industry since the early 1900's. The store was even mentioned by James Joyce in the Ulysses twice.

Buckley butchers have been a part of Dublin’s character and street scene for generations. In James Joyce’s Ulysses, Leopold Bloom who was a man with a taste for kidney often bought his meat in Buckley’s with some not great consequences from our butchers and knew of the best days to buy certain cuts of meat from us.

 FX Buckley

The Apprenticeship

You will gain a broad range of knowledge regarding selection, preparation and display of food products along with theoretical concepts and best practice pertinent to retail and wholesale practices in the context of meat preparation, merchandising, marketing, stock control and sales.

The duration of the course is split into eight modules resulting in a National Certificate in Butchering Skills upon completion of the course.


- Workplace Food Safety & Hygiene

- Safety & Health at Work

- Safety & Health at Work

- Meat Operations

- Meat & Meat Products

- Manufacturing Meat Products

- Practical Meat-Cutting Skills

- Communications

- Work Experience



"It is hard work but an awarding and exciting career for those interested"



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