"We aim to provide the best meat in Ireland, with superb service and constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. That is why I feel we have been in business for over 84 years."

Tommy Buckley, Director.

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Why buy with Buckley’s?

Our four Principles,


1. Meat par Excellence guarantee. Here at Buckley’s, the quality and traceability of our meat is of utmost importance to us. We work tirelessly to bring you the best in Ireland from our factory in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin and neighbouring ones. That is our promise.

2. Professional Service. We are passionate about meat and dedicated to bringing a superb service in a hygienic environment. We value education and employ master class butchers to bring the top class service our customers require. Whether it is a particular preparation of the meat or expert advice, we will always go that extra mile to satisfy every customer.

3. Service with a smile. We prize good, lasting relationships with our customers and haven’t forgotten the importance of a friendly chat. Even if you haven’t bought the meat from us, we will always be happy to help, so get in touch.

4. Exceeding Expectations. We are constantly trying to exceed expectations of our customers with quality and price. Quality comes first, however we work very hard to bring our loyal customers great value that keeps them coming back.




Our Story.

Francis Buckley, founder

Francis Xavier Buckley


Francis Xavier Buckley originally from Drumcondra, set up his own butcher shop in 1930 on Moore street. It was during his honeymoon to France where he found inspiration and coined the phrase 'Par Excellance', reflecting his love for the cuisine culture he experienced there. To this day the phrase 'Meat Par Excellance' remains the companies branding.

Francis always insisted on quality meat, having meat properly hung, properly cut and properly presented. As a result FX Buckley butchers soon became a well recognised Dublin institution for quality meat. In the video below, one of Francis's 13 children, Frank, recalls how his father brought him to the Sunday cattle marts on south circular road and how on one ocasion, a beast escaped.

FX Buckley Butchers then expanded to Talbot Street in the 50's, Nutgrove in the 80's and Deansgrange recently in 2014. The company has been determined to never lose focus in its original principals of quality and service. We source all our produce from local farms, have our own speciality breed of cattle and prepare all the meat daily in-store.The company has now been successful in Dublin for over 84 years. Speaking to our directors, this is down to a passion for meat and sheer hard work and dedication of the companies employees. The faces may have changed somewhat down through the years but the passion Francis Xavier instilled in it remains the same.






Our Beef | Aberdeen Angus Cattle | Dry-Aging

FXB insure good relationships with their suppliers as this trust is key to keep the standard of quality high in all its stores. All the meat comes from their farm and local farms so tractability and locality of the meat is guaranteed. We have our own speciality breed of cattle called Aberdeen-Angus. Unlike in the majority of the industry today, these cattle are naturally small in size. This insures a richer and beefier taste as hormones have not been added to increase growth. The beef is then separately dry aged for a minimum of 28 days to allow it to tenderize properly.


Beef dry aging for 21 days         

Beef Dry-aging



We would recommend our Rib-Roast on the Bone. Aged to perfection and cooked with the bone on, so that flavour and mositure is locked in. 

Rib Roast on the Bone

  Rib Roast on the Bone


What is the difference between Dry-aging and Wet-aging?

We dry age our beef which means it is stored at about 3 degrees for a minimum of 28 days. Every piece is separated and given space to breathe. We also constantly check each piece to monitor how each is maturing. This is where experience is important. After 84 years, we feel we have perfected the art of maturing beef. 

 Here is some of the science behind dry-aging:

1. As the beef ages, the natural enzymes and good bacteria break down the muscle fibers in the beef and make it tenderer.
2. When dry-aging, the beef can also lose up to 20 percent of its weight because of water evaporation. As a result, the meat develops a stronger taste. Similar to diluting a drink, the more water added, the weaker the taste becomes.


Wet-Aging and Supermarkets.

Wet aged steaks are basically 75% water. When wet aged, the carcasses are broken down soon after slaughter and vacuum packed straight away. They are said to be aging inside the bags for up to three weeks so they are technically 'aging'. However this does not get any of the benefits from dry aging as the meat can’t breathe and the water can't evaporate. This has become the norm for supermarkets and meat factories as there is no weight loss. Ever noticed how much liquid drains from a supermarket steak when cooked? and how quickly it dries up?