Fresh Chicken and Slipper of Ham

It is hard to beat Roast Chicken and Ham but when these are combined you get the most delicious, succulent and complementary dinner.

All our Fresh Chicken are Irish and a grade A quality which always ensures a succulent, moist and tender taste. And the slipper of ham is mild cured in our traditional recipe resulting in a wonder succulent ham.

Cooking recommendation: Slipper of Ham

Once you have cooked the ham, by simmering it for the required time try glazing it with honey and mustard marinade and put it in the oven for a 15 minutes to produce the sweetest and moist roast ham. It is very important to get your timing right when cooking a ham as it dries out easily so if you are finishing it off in the oven do not leave it simmer for a long. It is also great served cold.

Cooking recommendation: Chicken

Roast chicken on a bed of small cut vegetables and some tarigan/ thyme which leads to a lovely gravy when all the skin fat is skimmed off. Make sure you add water/ chicken stock to stop all those juices drying up in the oven.

Also try a thin slice of hard butter between the skin and flesh which will enhance the moisture and flavour and stuffing can add another great dimension to the roast chicken.