In our opinion, Irish Lamb is the best available anywhere. The combination of climate and diet results in a sweet flavour that produces the best lamb in the world. All the lamb at FX Buckley Butchers is naturally reared and handpicked to ensure consistent quality.

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  • Side Loin Chops

    €19.50 per kg
    Our succulent side loin lamb chops are part of a really tasty mid-week meal that can be on the table in 20 minutes. Season with some sea salt and ground black pepper.
  • Leg of Lamb

    €27.99 each
    A leg of lamb cooked on the bone makes the perfect Sunday lunch. All of our lamb is certified Irish Lamb. A whole leg is ideal for serving large numbers, and yields plenty of lean, tender meat. It can be divided into two joints, the fillet and the shank.
  • Loin Lamb Chops

    €19.50 per kg
    Lamb Chops are cut from the bone in single loin and are the most popular lamb cut of lamb. The Loin is the most tender part of the lamb, lean and full of flavour.
  • Shoulder of Lamb

    €11.99 each
    The bone in shoulder of lamb is a tasty cut, offering very good value for money. Our lamb is remarkably sweet and naturally reared. It is best cooked slowly to make sure the meat is meltingly soft and to allow the rich flavours to develop.
  • Rack of Lamb

    €14.99 each
    The Racks are cut from the Best End of the lamb. The meat is excellent, moist and tender with fine, sweet flavours. The fat that is covering the ribs will be trimmed parallel to the eye muscle, just enough to add flavour and retain moisture in the meat during cooking.
  • Lamb Mince

    €12.99 per kg
    Minced lamb makes excellent lean and flavoursome mince. All mince is minced at least daily.
  • Fillet of Lamb

    €13.99 each
    The fillet is the top end of the leg of the leg. A leg of lamb cooked on the bone makes the perfect Sunday lunch. All of our lamb is certified Irish Lamb.
  • Diced Lamb

    €13.99 per kg
    Shoulder of Lamb, cut into well trimmed, bite sized chunks makes excellent quality casseroles or stews. All of our lamb is Irish, naturally raised on a diet of grass and heather and prepared by hand in our shops by our master butchers.
  • Lambs Liver

    €8.99 per kg
    Treasured by foodies, lamb's liver is becoming more and more popular again. In addition to its beautiful flavour and supreme tenderness, lamb liver provides a variety of health benefits in the form of vitamins, mainly Vitamin A, and minerals (iron). Serve thinly sliced, grilled or flash fried and still pink inside You will be able to convert any skeptics.
  • Lamb Cutlets

    €19.50 per kg
    Lamb cutlets are tender, succulent and with fine, sweet flavours. Our butchers perfectly prepare these small cutlets from the Fair End. Each cutlet is French trimmed to remove any excess fat off the bone. Leaving the clean, white bone ends sticking out.
  • Lambs Hearts

    €1.19 each
    Lambs hearts are fresh off all the full lambs that FX Buckley get every week. They can be delicious and it is not at all difficult to make them so. Stuffing the heart can also add another dimension to the flavour.
  • Lamb Burgers

    Our Premium Lamb burgers are made from 100% ground lamb mince blended together with a mix of herbs and spices. These juicy burgers are simply delicious with a light touch of mint added to the mix.
  • Lamb Steaks

    €18.99 per kg
    Lamb steaks are cut from the center of the leg with the center bone still in place, which adds extra flavour. They are a good buy and popular for grilling and frying.
  • Lamb Shanks/knuckles

    €3.99 each
    The lamb shank comes from the knuckle off the shoulder. All our lamb has all been naturally reared and full of distinctive flavour. Many people have a real affection for lamb shanks, thinking of them as a bit of a treat.
  • Breast Lamb/lap of lamb

    €7.99 per kg
    An underused and underrated cut, the breast of lamb although fatty is undeniably tasty. It is also known as the lap of lamb and is very popular for roasting.
  • Lambs Kidneys

    €0.75 each
    Fresh lamb kidneys are a real treat for foodies and a good alternative to lambs liver. Essential for the classic steak and kidney pie but also wonderful coated in flour and pan fried with sauté onions.
  • Shank of Lamb

    €13.99 each
    The Shank is the back part of the leg of lamb and when cooked on the bone makes the perfect Sunday lunch. All of our lamb is certified Irish Lamb.

17 Item(s)

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