1 Plain Duck Breast

€4.99 each
Duck breasts renowned for its very lean and tender meat, which has a quality similar to fillet steak. Our duck are slow grown and fed with the best of grain which means you can be sure of the highest quality and perfect flavour every time.

What does not change is the vast quantities of fat they exude. This helps keep the meat tasty and tender, but often requires that you remove a lot of it from the pan. We would recommend duck to be matched with fruit, as in the famous duck l'orange, and works well with plums, pears and grapes. The breast is a favourite for Thai red curries, stir-fries and tandoori grills.

Cooking Recommendation: Fry on the fat side first to release all the juices and then on the other side to seal it all over. Finish in the oven until med / medium well. Remove from the oven and allow the breast sit for 5/7 minutes and then slice at an angle before serving.