Fillet of Ham

€8.99 per kg
The fillet of ham is off the leg of pork and has been freshly cured with pickle. At FX Buckley we cure our own premium ham with our own traditional recipe. Our craft butchers then bone out the leg and neatly tie the joint, ready to cut whatever size you desire. Because the fillet of ham has the bone taking out it is very easy to carve and taste fantastic.

Cooking recommendation: Once you have cooked the ham, by simmering it for the required time try glazing it with honey, mustard marinade & ground cloves and then roast it in the oven for a 15 minutes to produce the sweetest and moist roast ham. It is very important to get your timing right when cooking a ham as it dries out easily so if you are finishing it off in the oven do not leave it simmer for a long. It is also great served cold.

Cooking Tip: Put water on the bottom of the roasting pan which helps to keep it nicely moist.