Exciting News for Deansgrange



What is dry Aging?

Dry aging is one of the oldest ways of preserving meat,
it allows the meat to time to mature and develop an
Intensity of flavour that is unmisteakable.
The meat is allowed time to breath and lose its natural
water which results in far superior tasting meat.


Why Choose Dry Aged Meat?

The meat is more refined, juicy and bursting with flavour.

Here at FX Buckley Butcher’s, we’ve always matured
our steaks for a minimum of 21 days which we are proud
to be considered the best steak in Dublin.


Dry Age Chamber

Dry aging meat takes time. So in order to keep up with
demand we our proud to announce that we are installing
a brand new dry age fridge in FX Buckley’s Deansgrange.

This gives the optimal temperature and conditions to give our
steaks that signature taste and texture.

Which means we can supply our customers with our Premium,
Dry aged steaks at any time.

The dry age fridge is a controlled environment which removes 
any moisture from the air surrounding the meat which enhances 
the taste and texture of the product.

 Dry Age Deansgrange

Benefits of Dry Aging

The secret to the best steak is to start off with the right product.
We only use Hereford or Angus heifer beef under 30 months old.
Treatment of the beef is very important and that's were
FX Buckley's excel.

We don’t package anything, we hang our meat on the bone,
the weight of the meat pulls on the fibres which tenderises
our beef naturally.

Dry aging allows us to hang the beef for longer, which improves
the flavour of the meat by allowing the natural enzymes to
break down the tissue which concentrates the flavour giving
the meat a richer taste.

We aim to bring you the best possible product at an 
affordable price.  We treat our beef the way it’s supposed to be treated, 
in the traditional way.


Dry Age Chamber Deansgrange from Sean Dempsey on Vimeo.